Shastha Foods

Our Savory Batters Story

Twenty-one years ago, a pivotal moment unfolded as a trio convened to chart the course of their business. In the midst of coffee-sipped discussions, the conversation gracefully shifted towards the culinary realms of idly and dosa, birthing what we now know as Shastha Foods.
Recognizing the global significance of fermented foods, intrinsic with natural probiotics and robust flavors, the founders set their sights on encapsulating the essence of Indian subcontinent delicacies. Yet, adapting these culinary treasures for the American Continent posed formidable challenges.
Armed initially with a humble home grinder, the inaugural batch, infused with dedication and artistry, graced the market in March 2003, introducing the first three varieties. This marked the genesis of a journey that witnessed the evolution from home grinders to custom-built ones, and a product range that blossomed from three to an impressive fourteen.
Amidst this growth, the beacon of unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction remained steadfast. Our belief in upholding unparalleled quality and customer contentment has been the cornerstone of the premier status our products enjoy in the eyes of our esteemed customers.
As we reflect on the heartening fact that nearly 200 million Shastha dosas have been savored over the past two decades, we stand poised at the threshold of the future, eagerly anticipating the journey towards the billion mark in the years that lie ahead. The tapestry of Shastha Foods, woven with passion, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, continues to flourish, and we invite you to join us on this flavorful odyssey.

Our Ethnic Foods Journey

In a transformative shift, our team harnessed their expertise in international trade to venture into the import and distribution of dry food items—a shift as significant as trading Pentium chips for the delectable allure of banana chips. United by the aromatic fusion of Indian coffee and the crisp goodness of Florida’s banana chips, our inaugural distribution activity unfolded in the enchanting locale of San Jose, CA.
Over the ensuing two decades, our dry groceries repertoire burgeoned to encompass an impressive array of nearly 700 items. A veritable tapestry of flavors now graces our shelves, showcasing an expansive selection of almost 30 non-basmati rice varieties and 25 heritage rice strains, each a culinary ambassador of India’s diverse states. Millet grains and formulations, an esteemed brand of sesame oil, cold-pressed oils, regional snack specialties, and meticulously curated pooja kits for festive celebrations all find a cherished place within our portfolio.
Our pride swells as we reminisce about the joyous moments shared during last year’s mango tasting events, where we delighted in bringing forth the largest varieties of Indian mangoes. These golden treasures brought smiles to every face that graced our premises.
For us, food transcends the mere sustenance of the body; it is a journey that nourishes the mind and soul. With this ethos at our core, we relentlessly strive to offer an exquisite selection of high-quality, delectable, and health-conscious food choices, each a flavorful ode to the diverse regions of India. Join us on this gastronomic adventure where every bite is a celebration of culture, tradition, and the boundless joy that good food imparts.